About Penny

Penny VineI was inspired to work in education as a consequence of being expelled from school many years ago. I left home shortly after my 15th birthday. I finally found my way back into education as a young single parent. I had no clear goals at this point other than wanting to create a positive family life for my daughter, son and myself.

At college I met some inspirational tutors. They offered the powerful mix of attending to personal relationship with a passion for learning. I was moved to become a teacher and offer this unique mix, which I continue to be passionate about to this day. The powerful experience of early exclusion from school and family, later coupled with inclusive education, taught me firsthand about the importance of attending to relationship as a key foundation to social capital, well-being and learning.

Complimenting 15 years inner city class teaching and senior management experience, I worked for 7 years as a Personal, Social, Health and Education Advisor working with children, parents and young adults from birth to sixteen plus. I have also worked as an Early Years Advisor working with practitioners and families from birth to five.

In 2001 I first came into contact with Nonviolent Communication. For me this profound process offered me so much insight into why we human beings sometimes struggle to understand one another. More importantly it offered me practical and easily accessible tools to live by, to understand myself and others. I have now integrated Nonviolent Communication into my public trainings, education and parenting work and offer this power model across the UK and internationally.

I offer:

  • Open trainings for members of the public
  • Trainings in Early Years and Primary School settings
  • Consultation and training with a wide diversity of organisations within the public, private and voluntary sector
  • A wide experience of conference speaking and I have a reputation for inspiring participants and being passionate about what I speak about
  • International experience as a certified trainer with the Centre for Nonviolent Communication. I now integrate all of my work with the values and principles of Nonviolent Communication [NVC]. I am passionate about this unique model of communication and know from experience how it applies to every context in contemporary life.

I am lucky enough to see my work as play!

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