Creating the World you want with Powerful Requests

Facilitated by: Penny Vine, Certified trainer with the Centre for Nonviolent Communication
When: Sunday, September 27th, 2015
Time: 10.00 – 16.00
Where: Chorlton, Manchester
Spaces Available: 15

Financial Contribution Requested: Sliding Scale: £40 – £70. Contributions will be collected at the end of the training session. As I want NVC to be available to EVERYONE, please contact me if the cost would prevent you from coming.

“I’ve just become aware that for thirty-six years, I was angry with your father for not meeting my needs, and now I realize that I never once clearly told him what I needed.” A memory shared by Marshall Rosenberg about a conversation he had with his mother and included in the book: Marshall B. Rosenberg, Nonviolent Communication: A Language Of Life


For me making a clear request in Nonviolent Communication is the unsung hero of the NVC process.

It is this very radical step of the process that enables me to move forward towards creating the life I want. At the same time I recognise that for many people, including myself, making requests and asking for what we want can be excruciating! Many of us in our very early childhoods learned to give up on what we want…despite our superb proficiency in this skill during our first year of life.

Some Questions We Will Explore On Our Day Together
• What makes asking for what I want so difficult?
• What makes it even harder to even know what I want?
• Why am I afraid of hearing someone say “No!” to what I want?
• Why do I give up on my needs so easily?
• How do I make a clear request?
(All the above questions will be explored on the course)

Want to know more? Come along and join us and leave with a bag full of tools to create the world you want.

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