Foundation Course in Nonviolent Communication

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom”.        Viktor E. Frankl.

Nonviolent Communication (NVC ) or Compassionate Communication as it is
sometimes known, is a practical process for communicating with empathy, honesty, power, integrity and compassion.
This two-day workshop will be experiential, thought provoking, supportive and fun.
It is suitable for newcomers to Nonviolent Communication. You will take away the skills and understanding to continue to develop using the NVC process in all your relationships.

Would you love to be able to:

• Say goodbye to energy-sapping arguments and conflict at home and at work?
• Express yourself even in challenging situations?
• Express frustrations without blame or judgement?
• Hear difficult responses from others without typical reactions of rejection, hurt    or blame?
• Stay grounded in the midst of relationship storms?
• Recognise when your buttons are getting pushed before they are pushed!?
• Listen to others so they feel genuinely heard and understood?
• Creatively solve conflict with win-win solutions and without getting burned out?

If you’ve replied “Yes” to any of the questions above then this course is for you!

Additional input and support from Esther Cook, an experienced sharer of NVC currently working towards CNVC Certification.

Suitable for: This course is suitable for newcomers to Nonviolent Communication.
( People who have attended in the past have included parents, educators, social workers, unemployed people, refugees, doctors ).

Location: The Education Centre, Wheatfields Hospice, Headingley, Leeds

Date: Saturday March 17th and Sunday March 18th 2018,  10am-5pm both days

Financial Contribution Requested: Sliding Scale: £90 – £150, including a £20 deposit payable during the booking process.
As I want NVC to be available to EVERYONE, please contact me if the cost would prevent you from coming.

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