Say “No!” with Courage and Care

“What makes it possible to say YES from the heart is the knowledge that we are free to say NO without suffering consequences”   Inbal Kashtan

When people ask things of you that are outside your comfort zone, do you find yourself:

  • saying ‘yes’ when in fact you’d really like to find a way of saying an empowered “No” that reflects your boundaries whilst still maintaining your relationships with others?
  • reacting out of habit – but longing to make a more considered response?
  • stuck in the dynamic of submit/rebel, but secretly wishing you could respond with more care for yourself and for others?
  • triggered into a defensive reaction rather than the calm, authentic response that you’d much prefer to make?



Say No! with Courage and Care


For many years I said “Yes” to perceived demands out of fear. At other times I would bark out a “No!” like a sergeant major, even if I wanted to say “Yes.”

Does that sound familiar?

Unfortunately, most of us were educated as small children to stifle our “No,” believing we would hurt others or be abandoned. At the same time, there continues to be a cultural message to our children to “Just say no!”

Imagine the freedom if we could say “No” to another person whilst maintaining our boundaries AND relationships. Or be able to hear someone else’s “No” without reacting?


Nonviolent Communication [NVC]  helps us reach beneath the surface to discover a creative and dynamic way of responding with courage and care in any moment, including when we say “No”.

Come and play, practise and explore together in community with others who want to say “No!” with courage and care.

Additional input and support from Esther Cook, an experienced sharer of NVC currently working towards CNVC Certification.


Who is the course for?

If you have attended a Foundation Course in NVC or something similar, this workshop is an opportunity to further explore the process of saying and hearing “No” in NVC.

When: Sunday, 21st January, 10am to 5pm

Where: The Education Centre, Wheatfield’s Hospice, Leeds, LS6 2AE

Requested contribution: Sliding scale £60 – £90

When you choose what you will contribute, please consider my needs for sustainability in continuing to offer this work, as well as your needs to support yourself. I want NVC to be available to EVERYONE, so please contact me if the cost would prevent you from coming and contribute more if you are able.


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