Transforming Enemy Images – Speak Peace in a World of Conflict

Inner freedom is my own ability to choose from inside

how I respond to what life puts on my path.

No one can take that away from me.



What are Enemy Images?
[Enemy Images are just as likely to be about family members and friends as they are to be directed at members of governments!]

Wherever we look – whether it be at the media, [the recent referendum!] politicians, or even our own family and friends – we see people speaking and doing things in ways that are so different from what we would have wanted.

Sometimes this triggers minor irritation or frustration. But there are also times when we experience something much deeper; anger, perhaps, or huge sadness or grief at what we see. And when this happens, we find ourselves holding ‘enemy images’ of those people, holding them responsible for how we’re feeling.

“Enemy images” are persistent, repetitive judgements of another person or group. Beliefs about the other become fixed in stone and usually appear as unquestionable truths. When we are no longer able to see the humanity of others, we experience a sense of pain, and of separation and disconnection both from ourselves and the other person. [Often the ones we care about most can stimulate the most judgment and disconnection from ourselves and other!] From my own lived experience being able to transform my “enemy images” has been one of the most powerful processes I’ve learned in NVC. This process has brought me deep inner peace, enabled me to stay true to my values during conflict and transform long standing personal conflicts.


Our day together invites you to a deep exploration of this rich and surprisingly revealing process. It is an opportunity to engage with our own “enemy images” in a supportive and empathic community. We can then, on the day, choose whether we are ready to practise a process of transforming our “enemy images” and get support for sustaining an inner practice of peace.

During our day together there will be opportunities to:

• Hear about some of my own experiences of transforming intense
“enemy images”

• Explore the needs that lead to creating and sustaining enemy images

• Open up and learn from our own “enemy images”

• Practise a process of transforming enemy images if you are ready to

• Humanise others through a commitment to seeing their needs as
separate from their strategies

Date: Sunday, 22nd January, 2017

Time: Please arrive by 9.45 to start at 10.00. The day ends at 4.00

Venue: St Werburgh’s Church Hall, 386 Wilbraham Rd, Manchester M21 0UH

Facilitated by: Penny Vine, Trainer with the Centre for Nonviolent Communication.
Open to anyone who has completed a Foundation Course in Nonviolent Communication or something similar.

To book: Please contact Penny Vine,,   Mob: 07786075201, Landline: 0113 2620062 OR Helen Bambrough,,
Mob: 07504990320

Requested financial contribution:
I will ask for contributions at the end of the workshop and in this way I hope to meet my needs for sustainability, support and contribution. I would like to request between £40 and £80. [When choosing what to pay please consider my needs for sustainability in offering this work as well as your needs to support yourself] If funding is a challenge for you right now please contact me so we can find a way for you to attend.

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